Delivery And Return Policies 

Delivery policy

Confirmation will be sent by e-mail after you place your order and make the payment using PAY-PAL.

Delivery is via UPS. Delivery time varies according to distance and UPS schedule.

The artwork is fragile; it is packed by UPS to insure that it arrives in perfect condition*.

Shipping costs are based on the packing materials and box needed for a safe delivery, and standard UPS shipping rates. UPS calculates shipping rates based on the size of the package and the distance that it is being shipped.

Shipping of your purchase will be no later than 7 work days after payment is made.
The artwork will be sent to the address given by you at the time of the payment.
At any case you will be notified by e-mail when the artwork has been shipped out.
In this e-mail you will also receive the UPS package information so that you may check the delivery process on-line at the UPS website.

The artwork will be insured during the entire delivery process.

*In case you received the artwork in a damaged state, please contact me within 24 of receiving it at: or +972-50-222-0559

Return policy 

If the artwork you received is not to your complete satisfaction for any reason, you can return it within 14 days of delivery, for a full refund.
Art that is returned damaged will not be refunded.

Should you choose to return the artwork, be sure to save the original packaging,

this is due to the fact that the original package will be used for the return shipping.

Repackage the artwork in its original box and contact me at: or +972-50-222-0559

A prepaid UPS shipping label will be sent to you, to affix to the box.
Now you can ship it back from any UPS Store that is closest to you.

Please note that the artwork must be shipped back in the original package via UPS within seven (7) days of receiving the order.