Step 3:

Choose a specific type

Step 4:

Send your prefference to me

Now choose a specific type of painting.

After you choose, an e-mail message will pop up with your choice as the subject. Please write about your dessired art work in as grate detail as possible. The more you say the better I understand what you want. Also, it is very important that you add your contact information.


There are many kinds of Landscaps: sea shore; desert; forest; urban and more.


There are many types of Landscaps: sea shore; forest; urban and more.


There are many types of portrait paintings: realistic; expressive; geometric/cubistic and more.

Keep in mind that a portrait of someone requires a photo


Nudes can have different contexts:

a study; an allegory; erotica; historic and more.

Be sure to to include your preferences in the e-mail, as well as your contact information and budget.